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Multi-country governments, consulates, merchants/associations jointly supported to create a borderless catering investment platform;


A global community of restaurant destiny

Promote global catering integration, build a catering community of destiny, build a benign, healthy and energetic catering co-creation and promotion platform for Chinese and foreign catering enterprises, traverse the branding cycle and break through the industry involution;


Professional trading team

The core team of the world's first catering chain exhibition and ten years of deep ploughing, are senior industry experts, service global brands more than 8600;


Strong data support

Online ten million attention, offline cumulative 5 million + entrepreneurial data support, for exhibitors to provide a strong investment guarantee;


Dig deep into domestic demand

We continue to dig deep into the domestic catering investment market and provide extensive and in-depth market development services for Chinese and foreign enterprises;


Expand overseas

Invite Chinese and foreign friends from countries and regions around the world to visit and invest in China and bring excellent Chinese food brands to the world;


Avoid rat


Helping enterprises to traverse the brand development cycle, to develop a broader market, and to break through the industry involutional dead cycle;


⑧ Expert escort

Nearly 100 Chinese and foreign catering founders and industry research scholars, etc. form a professional advisory board to add support to catering and empower the industry;

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